Party Fowl

Henrietta Fowley

Henrietta Fowley came to Duck U as a business major. Goaded by the spirit of her successful flock, she begrudgingly accepted her fate: to live out her legacy as the heir to the family fortune. Then, in her Philosophy 101 course, Henrietta had her first encounter with history’s greatest minds. Ziquack, Swamus, and Fowlcault all seemed to speak to her soul. And so, without notifying her family, she abandoned her major, grew dreadlocks, and found peace in a good book (and duckweed).

Most commonly, you’ll find Henrietta lounging about campus, carrying an acoustic guitar and ready to talk about the universe.



Favorite Movie

A Quackwork Orange

Favorite Band


The Flock of Characters

Henrietta Fowley

Henrietta is a one-time business major who's truly found herself in deep ideas, an acoustic guitar, and maybe a little duckweed.

Theo Webbstein

Theo never skips wing day, listens to Nickelquack, and really wants to play you in beer pong.


Bill really wants you to know about his (prematurely canceled) television show, is very excited about crushing his (second) senior year, and is an avid gamer.


Duckasso is really into postmodernism, loves watching Twin Beaks, and secretly listens to vaporwave.

Feather Lockbeer

Feather is involved in nearly every group on campus, is always ready for a selfie, and can sing the lyrics to every song by her favorite artist, Drake.

Peter Duckledge

Peter loves 80s films, applied mathematics, and a rousing game of ultimate flysbee.

Gamey Pond

Gamey spends a little too much time in the flybrary, is the Editor-Hen-Chief of the student newspaper (The Billetin), and will graduate in the spring as Valeducktorian.

Millicent Paddlewaddle

Milicent spends her free time reading and writing poetry, is known to party a little too hard, and is a star member of the swim team.